Queen Maeve and the Táin Stories

Recently published, Queen Maeve and the Táin Stories gives an introduction to ancient Irish mythology, the oral tradition ancient Irish literature, Celtic beliefs and culture and the Táin or cattle-raid stories that have become the central theme of the Ulster Cycle. The stories of the intermingling of gods and men have intrigued audiences over the Millennia. These stories still have the power to captivate and entertain.

“Queen Maeve and the Táin Stories is not just a lucid account of the stories that are fundamental to our identity, it carries us back to the source of our evolution as a Celtic nation and makes us wonder at an art form we are in danger of losing: our gift of storytelling.” Frank Ryan

“Truly amazing, highly informative and easy to read introduction to ancient Irish literature and mythology.” Gert Venghaus

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Beyond Reason: Evolving Consciousness

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Published in 2012, Beyond Reason: Evolving Consciousness looks at the philosophies underlying Western society and how our beliefs are influenced by the values and mores of culture we are born into. It explores alternative world views, developments in new paradigm science, philosophy, psychology and spirituality.

“This book is both autobiographical and, at the same time, an analysis of the numerous philosophical positions that exist in our world today. In a way it reminds me of Bryan Magee’s ‘confessions of a Philosopher’ personal yet public. And by the way it is very readable not some impenetrable tome.” J. P. McDermott

“In her exciting, insightful and timely book, Beyond Reason: Evolving Consciousness, Pauline McDermott has wonderfully achieved her aim: to synthesize many threads of research and knowledge with her own personal journey of discovery to arrive at an all-inclusive cosmic vision. At this pivotal time for humanity and Gaia, its important message of a revolutionary new awareness of an integrated and conscious Cosmos – an crucially our place as co-creators – is told with an immediacy and accessibility that I hope will attract, enlighten and empower many people.” Dr. Jude Currivan, Cosmologist


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