“Queen Maeve and the Táin Stories” – truly amazing.

Have just finished “Queen Maeve and the Táin Stories” – truly amazing. It was incredibly easy to read, highly informative particularly for someone without knowledge of Irish history or mythology of any mentionable kind.

Bit difficult at times to get through the plethora of Irish names and I’d like to find out from you some of the more “problematic” pronunciations I knew some but far from all.

The links and connections are incredible, so are the strong social and ethnological structures that existed and have sadly gone amiss. I was particularly fascinated with the transmigration / reincarnation theory that existed thousands of years ago and – most incredibly – over here and not only in Asia.

Seems that Buddhists and Hindus are today living a global consciousness that existed even as far West as Ireland (comparing the two life cycles of Finnbennach and Donn Cuailnge and their many different reincarnations or transmigrations with the many reincarnations of Vishnu or the many appearances of Shiva).

Really enjoyed it – many thanks.

Gert Venghaus


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