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Beyond Reason: Evolving Conscious is a personal search for meaning in a materialistic world. It offers a critique of the values on which Western society is based, and explores the age old debate between science and spirituality.  Claiming that society is undergoing a consciousness shift globally, the author explores developments within new paradigm science and modern day spirituality that are converging and bringing about a new cosmic vision.

In a materialistic world we have lost touch with our inner being, our soul selves and with the natural world that nurtures us. For author Pauline McDermott, this realisation prompted  a re-evaluation of her personal values and the values on which society is based. This became a much broader search for a new way of looking at reality, a holistic value system, a new vision of the cosmos, which is person centred and acknowledges the ‘self’.

Beyond Reason: Evolving Consciousness explores alternative world views, new developments in science, philosophy, psychology and spirituality, supporting the view that, merging new science with ancient wisdom traditions and spirituality, society is witnessing the birth of a new paradigm, an evolution of consciousness.

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