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Pauline McDermott, Author, Researcher and Teacher, has been involved in personal and community development for many years. Her passion for knowledge and understanding has led her to investigate the source of our beliefs within Western mythology, archaeology, philosophy, psychology and history. Retired from adult and community education she is now giving her time to research and writing.

The thirst for ancient mythology and legend was fostered in the 1970s when the author, Pauline McDermott, took a degree course at University College Dublin in Psychology and Greek and Roman Civilisation, followed by a masters degree in education. Since that time she has ‘pilgrimmed’ together with her husband, Joe, to many of the ancient sites and cities of the classical world, following the route of the Greek epic tales of Homer to Troy, in modern Turkey.

Queen Maeve and the Táin Stories: These travels inevitably led to an interest in what has become known as ‘The Irish Iliad’, the Táin Bó Cúailnge and its secondary tales which are based on the adventures of Queen Maeve (Medb) and her husband, Ailill, of Connaught. Her book, Queen Maeve and the Táin Stories, recently published, gives an introduction to ancient Irish mythology, the oral tradition ancient Irish literature, Celtic beliefs and culture and the Táin or cattle-raid stories that have become the central theme of the Ulster Cycle.

Beyond Reason: Evolving Consciousness, published in 2012, was sparked by her realisation that Western society was governed by beliefs and philosophies based on a mechanistic vision that were more appropriate for seventeenth century Europe but were still in use in the twenty-first century. Questioning these beliefs she found that subsequent developments in science were not fully incorporated into the Western world view.

Science and spirituality had gone their separate ways and were no longer seen as compatible with each other. However, from her research she found that there was a ‘revolution’ going on within some sciences that were challenging these views and were promoting a more holistic view of the cosmos. Beyond Reason: Evolving Consciousness documents some of these views and draws together evidence from various aspects of the new sciences that indicates that we are moving from a fragmented society based on individuality to a more holistic vision which supports the need for cooperation and consensus.

Pauline is co-founder of SpiritWise Holistic Healing with her daughter, Sinéad. SpiritWise is a consciousness development organisation supporting transformation and personal growth. Pauline has been studying & practising alternative and complementary healing therapies and different ’ways of knowing’ for twenty years. She is a Regression Therapist, Reiki Master and has trained in Pranic Healing with the modern founder and proponent of Pranic Healing, Master Choa Kok Sui.

My interest in healing developed as a result of a lifelong passion for reading particularly in the area of the ‘new sciences’, the connections between science and spirituality and how developments in physics are supporting the idea that we are living in a cosmically ordered universe -cosmic consciousness; how our beliefs influence our lives and shape our reality. Coming from a logical background where ‘I believe what I see’, my vision has been transformed by living with my daughter, Sinéad, who introduced me to the wonders of the world ‘beyond’.”

With over twenty years experience in adult and community education and development, Pauline facilitates workshops at regional, national and international training events and conferences.

She and her husband, Joe, live in the West of Ireland. Pauline can be contacted through here.

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